My private collection of vinyls made in the 80's in France influenced by Couleur3 a swiss radio

My private collection of vinyls made in the 80's in France influenced by Couleur3 a swiss radio

jeudi 21 octobre 2010

TINA TURNER live 1985

Tina Turner was on stage on March 1985 at the National Exhibition Center of Birmingham .During this unforgottable concert , Bryan Adams and then David Bowie have joined Tina Turner .Here are a few song of those moments .

I might have been a Queen Live
What's love got to do with it Live
I can't stand the rain Live
Tonight with David Bowie
Let's dance with David Bowie

NEW MODEL ARMY live 1989

Recorded on stage at the Festival of Leysin (Switzerland) in July 1989 .

Ineritance - Live
Stupid questions-Live
Green and grey-Live

mercredi 20 octobre 2010

AMINA 1991

I've always been in love with Amina and her song "Le dernier qui a parlé" is a beauty . She won the Eurovision Song Contest 1991 in Rome with this song .But the jury decided to give the award to the swedish candidate for a question of points .

KENT 1990

Read more about him on his website

J'aime un pays
Vers de nouvelles aventures
La poésie moderne

vendredi 15 octobre 2010

Tribute to POLNAREFF 1999

Michel Polnareff is one of the best french composer exiled in California since 40 years . Provocation & romantism are his best weapon against the french moral society .This tribute was recorded by several french musicians in 1999.

 Goodbye Marilou by Hugo
Dans la maison vide by Marc Morgan
I love you because by Guesh Patti
Rosy by Eiffel
Le bal des Lazes by Pigalle
Lettre à France by Nolorgues & Concorde Music Club .


Here is a rap band coming from Lausanne in Switzerland , full of humor and energy ! "Les portes du temps" is a great album . Made of nice lyrics in french & spanish and unexpected arrangements .

Les portes du temps
Que pasa con las chicas 
Tue ton poste
Hijo de latino
L'arche de Noé

Sens Unik - rira bien qui rira le dernier feat K mel
envoyé par david945. - Regardez la dernière sélection musicale.

mercredi 13 octobre 2010

DAVID BOWIE 1983-1987 Interviews

During the Serious Moonlight Tour in 1983

Recorded in 1987 for the King Biscuit broadcast from David Bowie's Glass Spider Tour, this interview contains two different recordings. The first part is a formal sit-down with Bowie aimed at promoting the tour. He talks in depth about the tour's production, as well as the meanings behind the theatrics. It is not only a testament to Bowie's hard work and dedication to putting on a great show, but also to his artistic merit, as his explanations regarding the meanings behind different aspects of the show prove that every detail was the result of a greater vision.
The second part of the interview seems to be from a chance encounter, where David was caught at a bar after a show. It is a more relaxed chat, with highlights including talk about his work on a Monty Python movie and joking about driving his glass spider.
Part 1
00:00 - Preparing for interviews
00:47 - Nervousness and depression in anticipation of the tour
02:55 - Theatrics for the tour
03:40 - Not getting rusty between tours / staying healthy
05:18 - A self-indulgent tour
05:50 - Similarities between past tours and the Glass Spider Tour
07:37 - Elements of past tours in the Glass Spider Tour
08:13 - Writing songs based on Brian Eno's habit of writing down dreams
09:53 - The choreography for the tour (by Toni Basil)
12:05 - The video for the tour / photographing dance
14:40 - The meanings behind the show
17:41 - Fascination with contradictions
18:36 - Different audiences: British, German, Italian, American
20:57 - Becoming comfortable with the show
21:57 - Comfort on stage vs. in studio
23:30 - The physical exertion of the show (for band and audience)
25:31 - The potential for growth within the shows
26:48 - Being daring
27:12 - Favorite pieces of the show
29:11 - Potential for being the final tour
30:23 - Thoughts on touring the USA
Part 2
00:00 - Sneaking out the back doors during tours
00:46 - The hardest part of meeting the press
01:25 - What's left to do
02:10 - The acting career / working on Yellowbeard
04:17 - Performing a stadium-sized show
05:08 - Driving a glass spider

part 2

On stage 30 August 1987 "Absolute beginners )

samedi 9 octobre 2010

A tribute to THE SMITHS 1996

"The Smiths is dead" is a compilation of popular bands of the 90's giving a tribute to The Smiths .It has been published and produced by the french magazine "Les inrockuptibles" in 1996.

Frankly Mr Shankly by High Llamas
There is a light that never goes out by The Divine Comedy
I know it's over by The Trash Can Sinatras
Cemetry gates by The Frank and Walters
Big mouth strikes again by Placebo
Vicar in a Tutu by Therapy?
Some girls are bigger than others by Supergrass

+ The queen is dead by The Boo Radleys , Never had no one ver by Billy Bragg , The boy with a thorn in his side by Bis .


The famous "Strange times" is a "must have" Lp.Geffen Records publish it now with extra tracks like a cover of Bowie's John I'm only dancing .
Strange Times