My private collection of vinyls made in the 80's in France influenced by Couleur3 a swiss radio

My private collection of vinyls made in the 80's in France influenced by Couleur3 a swiss radio

vendredi 21 mai 2010


I don't know much about the Rave-Ups . Any informations would be welcome . All I know is that they were a great band producing an efficient & energic pop-rock with smart melodies .An excellent mix of acoustic & electric guitars .Here are songs from the Lp called "The book of your regrets" released in 1988 .

She's mine
The one for me .

jeudi 20 mai 2010


Victor Noir is a french band I used to know when I was living in Paris .Great musicians with a very singular singer : Régis Peyronnet . A gentle guy , quite sarcastic and pessimistic . Their set was powerfull & solid , with on drums the talented Yann Destagnol who became a worldwide celebrity by composing and singing "Lady" with his band Modjo .I loved Victor Noir and regret them .Here are 2 songs auto-produced and home recorded in 1998 on CDs.

Au moindre mâle
A celle qui n'en vaut pas la peine .


TFC are four lads totally involved and spontanous . They were rough at first . And then much more applied in their recordings ."The peel sessions " smells beer . It has been recorded on 28th August 1990 for the famous The John Peel Sessions for Radio 1 .So "God knows it's true " will always be one of my best songs ever .Definitely . It's the perfect mix of rock'n'roll and romantic attitude .Norman Blake's voice is very fragile and try not to sink in an ocean of powerfull electric guitars .To be played at maximum volume in your headphones !! Enjoy !!

God knows it's true (live)
Alcoholiday (live)

SHACK - 1990

Shack is Mickael Head ."I know you well" is maybe the only song of Shack which could be played in Clubs .Here is the 7" version .

I know you well 7" Version

vendredi 14 mai 2010


"Introducing" is a much more "politicaly correct " recording than "Patio" . The band is getting professionnal and the production is more confortable .The songs sound better .

If fingers were xylophones

The game of eyes


"Patio" is the perfect typical alternative recording of a band of teenagers living in Wales in the 9O's .This album is a "collection of various studio , live & home recordings made by the band between March 91 & April 93" .Major lyrics are in welch ."Anna apera" makes me think to "It's no game" of David Bowie with that voice "OFF" .

Mr Groovy
Llenni ar gloi
Anna apera


Shiny Gnomes forever !! From Germany , a fabulous creative and melodic band !! To be listened (loud)

The pyrotechnist
Wind of your smile
Half blues half artefact


I love them !! Coming from Nürnberg in Germany , they have the right state of mine : melody , natural and 100 % themself ! Limo the singer has a unique style , so british and authentic !Unrated band to be listened and enjoyed for sure !! I have 2 Cd's of them which I'm very pleased to share with you .I hope you'll like their style ."Innocent aval" 1992 . The best of the dark side of the 90's .Published on Rough Trade .

Mind Party
All diversion

MIKADO - 1986

MIKADO was Gregori Czerkinsky and Pascale Borel .Born in 1984 ,they were based in Paris and are now a cult band .We can say that they have created the french touch . Pascale Borel is still involved in music and follows a personnal career :

Naufrage en hiver
Mikado game
Mikado saxo


Ex guitar player of the Sex Pistols . Solo Lp "Mercy"

Give it up

mardi 11 mai 2010

DAVID + DAVID - 1986

"Boomtown" is a great Lp produced by Davitt sigerson , the same as James Reyne , which contains brilliant compositions full of desesperado & melancoly .David & David perform all the instruments excepted the drums .

Welcome to the boomtown
Swallowed by the cracks
Being alone together
A rock for the forgotten

GAMINE - 1988

And now a french band born in Bordeaux .GAMINE had some hit singles in France and did tour a lot at that time .They used to play very loud on stage and had a kind of punk attitude ( Often drunk) . They had a short career with only 2 Lps .Here are songs from their first Lp called "Voilà les anges" .

Les gens sont si bizarres


James Reyne is a talented guitar player & singer .This album recorded in London in 1988 has no name .The guest star on vocals is Olivia Newton-John .Not bad isn't it ? Sorry for the poor quality of sound on "Always the way" , a song I've listened too much when I used to feel bad with that great final guitar solo .

Rip it up
Always the way

V.SPY V.SPY - 1986

V.SPY V.SPY was a rock band from Australia . A basical formation : guitar , bass & drums but full of inspiration and able to produce some punchy et efficient songs but also some great melancolic tracks.This album , the only one I know , is nowdays difficult to find .So I wanted to let you listen to 4 songs from the LP named "A.O. MOD.TV. VERS." recorded in Sydney in 1986 .Those 4 samples are very contrasted and illustrate perfectly what the style of the band was

Don't tear it down
Mission man
Go to work


Fountainhead was a band of Australia .They were two people but a real complete band on stage . They have had a lot of success on the radio "Couleur3" in Swizerland who played a lot that LP named "Voice of reason" released in 1989 .
Still dreaming


The Sunday Drivers was a rock band of Geneva . They were very active and gave a lots of concerts in Swizerland in the 80's . That Ep has been released in 1989 and recorded in Geneva at the Taurus studio . Here are 2 tracks including a cover of Bolan's "Children of the revolution "

THE BIBLE - 1988

The Bible was apparently a british band .I don't know any other one than this one : EUREKA .
Produced by Steve Earle & recorded for the label Chrisalys in 1988 .

UPDATE : Thanks to an anonymous comment left here , I've found more infos about the Bible and his leader Boo Hewerdine .I invite you to visit his website
Here are 3 songs which I loved in this album :

Honey be good
The wishing game
Cristal Palace